Anu Script Telugu fonts

Anu Script Telugu Fonts – How to download, install & use for free in 2022?

Anu Script Telugu Fonts are very attractive and beautiful in look. Even if you don’t know how to use Anu script manager software.. it is very easy to use these Anu script decorative fonts in your designs. Just follow the step by step guide in this article…

Anu Script Telugu Fonts:

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anu script fonts

Let’s find out!

First, download these Anu Script Telugu fonts Here for free!

If you want to purchase them from Amazon then click here.

Then follow the following steps to install and use these fonts without the knowledge of Anu Script Manager Software 7.0 on your windows computer.

First Download and install the above anu script fonts and all other telugu fonts.
Install Anu Script Telugu fonts
Installation of Anu Script Telugu Fonts

Then type the Telugu text you want by using some online tools from English to Telugu.

Easy English to Telugu typing

Next Copy all the Telugu text you want to convert into Anu Script format. and come to this site Kolichala.

With this site, we will get the Anu Script format Non-Unicode text which we can copy and use in Microsoft word.

kolichala website

Now in the Unicode section paste the Telugu text you typed by using easy English to Telugu converter. Then choose Anu Script version 7.0 from the dropdown on the top right side and click on the transform button below.

image 2
Anu Script Conversion


Your Telugu Unicode font is now converted to Telugu non-Unicode or Anu script format, Now let’s use them in Microsoft Word. Just Copy them

Open Microsoft Word. and paste the converted code.

Pasting the anu script font code format in Microsoft Word

then choose the Anu Script font you want to display… Here I am choosing my favorite Geetha Font, You can choose any of the installed Telugu fonts…

image 4


Did you get it?

If you didn’t get it yet just simply watch my tutorial here:

Full tutorial on how to use Anu Script fonts without the Anu script manager software

Comment below your experience…, We will be happy to know…

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Thank you.

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