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How to do the perfect Local SEO with the help of Google My Business to improve local search rankings?

Local SEO

What is Google My Business SEO?

Everyday hundreds and thousands of people search on Google for different kinds of products and services available in their local areas. So you have to make sure that if your business also provides some kind of similar products or services in those local area then your business profile must stan out and rank in the top so that people can instantly find your business.

After that they can visit your Google My Business Profile check the latest address information, all the services and product details, latest photograph updates, your website, and your contact number and many other informations.

You have to admit that Google my business page is a must for any kind of local business out there who are providing any kind of products or services, because they are the one which ranks at the top much higher than the organic website results.

As you can see the above image I just went to google and search about the best digital marketing agency out there in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh, and instantly it is showing Digiframe Marketing Solutions at the top, but not any websites or anything else.

Here it will show everything a client wants from a business like the business name, their services, their business type, their website, directions on Google map, address, contact number, opening time, closing time and many more.

How do I set up Google My Business for SEO?

Simple go to Google My Business official website. 

Loal SEO

Then from there you have to sign in with your Gmail account. Or you can simply click on “manage now” button.

Then a pop-up box will appear asking for finding your business by typing it’s name in the search bar. 

After you type the name of your business, it will show all the listings available on Google my business database on the same name and then you can choose the right one of your business.

If it will show that none of the business available with the name you entered then most probably you have to create a new business profile.

How to create a new Google My Business Profile?

  • Just enter your business name and search if any business page is already exists with that name then you pick that business and verify your ownership or if this is new business then simply click on ‘create a business with this name?’
  • Then you have to create the profile by entering your business details like your business page name and the business category details…
  • Then it will ask if you want to add any physical location to your business to show your potential customers the live location of your business workplace or your office address..
  • After clicking on Next button you have to select the area where you want the provide the product or service.
  • Then you have to enter your phone number and website 

Now you have to enter the mailing address where you want to send the postcard in which there will be pin, and it will take approximately 15 days to reach your address and then there will be a pin number, which you have to enter again in your profile to fully verify your Google My Business page and make it live on Google.

So, That’s how you can create a new Google My Business profile.

Advantages of having Google My Business page on Google or How effective is Google My Business for SEO??

  • It ranks the local business page at the top of all organic websites which rank on the google’s SERP page because of SEO.
  • It has many call to action buttons which increases customer engagements.
  • It increases customer engagements by adding daily photos, updates, or posts to the page.
  • It can reach a wider audience and the best part is the optimization costs absolutely zero.
  • As for a particular keyword, if your business page ranks, then it creates a brand authority of your business, as is the official Google platform, and Google is recommending it to you!

How regularly shall you post on Google My Business?

Google has a special feature in Google My Business, where you can post daily and can update your business details, photos, posts, videos, 

You can  add any latest offers prorvided for any product or service for a certain particular period of time, where you can also add the beginning and end date of the offer.

You can also add any latest updates as a standard post format, where you can add photos, videos, write your post, and can add a call to action button redirecting to your website product page, or your website’s landing page.

Here you can also show any upcoming events in your organisation or company or shop or establishment.

The most effective ways to optimize the Google My Business page to complete the basic Local SEO party and rank on the Local SERP results…

  1. Verify your Google My Business Profile

Yes, this the most essential part to start the optimization process. Because some business think that just setting up the profile is more than enough, but that is not the case. You have to enter the billing address of your work address  to get the postcard sent by google where the post card will have a pin number which you have to enter in your profile in order to activate and verify it and then your profile will become live on Google.

So after you verify your business it will get a blue tick and a verified sign on your profile, that means your business is legit.

  1. Fill & Complete all the profile details

Perhaps, it is the most essential thing you have to do for your business in the info section of the Google My Business profile.

  • You have to fill the full name of your business
  • Next you have to choose the correct category of your business – remember to give maximum 3 categories for your business otherwise google will be confused regarding the nature of your business.
  • Next it’s the time to enter the full address of  your business, simply enter your company’s door number, lane, area, city, district, state, Country, Zip code details etc,.
  • Next you have to fill the timing details like what is your opening and closing hours of your company. You can add any special hours or any special opening and closing hours.
  • Then you have to fill the contact or phone number so that visitors can contact you directly.
  • Next you have to choose a username for your business, normally accept the suggestion provided by google, the username will be mostly similar to the name of your business.
  • Next if your business has any official websites or appointment links or product pages or contact pages then you can directly link them.
  • If you are selling any particular products, then simply you can list those products in the product section, you can provide the picture, Where you can show the product name, product  category, product pricing and product description etc,
  • Next if you also provide any kind of services to your clients then you have to enter them, you can also show the pricing details and a short description about those services.
  • Next you can addd short description, images, to your profile.
  • Then you can add some pictures of your company, services, products, customers, and then you have to add a logo of your company.

And that’s it your Google My Business profile is completed fully.

Make sure that your profile information stays the same and accurate forever as it will show google that your business is a credible one and it will genuinely help your business come to the top position.

And never alter the change the details because sometime the call button from your serp profile just vanishes for a mobile user which can cost to your business a lot, by not gaining any organic clients and it will tremendously help your competitor growing his business.

  • Ensure that NAP (Name, Address & Phone Number) is consistent across all your platform specially in your website, it may be the website footer, and the contact area it must be similar as it is in your google my business page.
  • Get more reviews from authentic clients who got any kind of services from your company or business more positive reviews mean more rankings on the Google page.
  • And last not the least after you completed all the above steps you have to keep posting in the posts section keep updating your profile information in frequently manner.

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