The Family Man Season 2 review

The Family Man Season 2 Web Series Review! My Honest Opinion

The Family Man Season 2 Web Series Review! My Honest Opinion

Yesterday (07-06-2021), I completed the new series of Amazon prime video, The Family Man Season 2.

We can say this series is totally different but a little same with the previous series. Here Samantha Akkineni did a wonderful performance I can say, all the martial art moves are real, I think she has really practiced very well. Her look at struggle in the movie was so real and awesome.

Next coming to the real character of the series, Manoj Bajpayee, the family man, was again the same level of performance as it was in the first series. In the first half we can see him as a frustrated software employee, but later joining again in the task force of NIA and the taking over of the charge of the tamilnadu search operation and completing the task, and along with that doing his duty, saving his family, his daughter, all those cinematography was really real, raw and nice.

People are nowadays liking this kind of raw movies or web series rather than action packed, no story, body exposing kind of movies, like it was in Radhe… No story but full Tamasha.

We as a viewer, as the audience should always crave for unique movies, with good story base, and we should be proud to say that in India, we also can produce this kind of cinematic movies as well like it is in the Hollywood.

And in the recent years we can see the piracy problem. We as a viewer should always be away from piracy, a movie or a series is made with very hard effort, budget, and dedication.

It simply takese few minutes to few hours to download a movie, but it took years to make the movie.

So we have to respect the hard work, the effort and we should pay to watch them, and the best part is we will feel great with the higher resolution, and it will make us feel happy.

Coming to the family man season 2 again, I would like to watch this kind of movies or webseries with great story base or greta cinematography, which is more cinematic, attention grabbing and realistic and raw.

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