Are you still using Facebook pages? Then you must read this.

Facebook pages

Please read this article from beginning to end if you are using facebook pages. Not only as a Graphic Designer, But I have been also working as a Digital Marketing manager for Digiframe Marketing Solutions for 3 years.

So for promotions and branding, we have been extensively using social media for our clients. We use Facebook Ads extensively for branding, leads and engagement to our social media pages. 

We grow genuine followers based on gender, and locality to grow the authenticity and credibility of the brand and or the celebrity. 

When you try to run a Facebook ad, you must and should have a Facebook page and it should be connected to the business Instagram account of that particular brand.

So we have been doing this since the beginning. But recently we saw a shocking event. One Saturday (09-09-2023) when we started working we saw that three of our pages were gone from my Facebook account, Initially, I panicked, But then I thought that maybe any client must have removed us and maybe he or she wanted us to stop the project, because this kind of thing happened with us in the past. 

Then I approached my boss and said a similar thing, but something was striking wrong. Because 3 pages are gone at once. And the strange thing was that we have not received any kind of notification or message from Facebook regarding this. 

Generally, when we take over any facebook page as admin or remove someone from the admin post or any other position, both parties will receive notifications on a similar thing, but we have received no notifications at all. Here the most strange and disturbing thing is that all the admins, including the business owners of the brands, also lost the page access without their permission and also didn’t receive any notification regarding this.

This situation disturbed our company because there is no article that strongly recommends a solution for this problem, so I started approaching Meta Support.

Let me tell you this. These people are disgusting. They don’t take it seriously. They behave like nothing happened. It was a bug if we consider it this way because we have received no notification regarding this. Or even this could be a kind of hacking. 

But they repeatedly told us to secure our personal Facebook accounts rather than talking about the Facebook pages whose access were taken away from all the existing admins of the pages. 

We tried and talked with them over the phone. But they repeated the same thing, no concern, just asking for the security checkup for the personal account. 

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Reply from Meta Support Team.

Later one day we got mail that, we found this email from the Meta support team, How disgusting this email is. I don’t know if they have gone through the issue or not. They said this in the mail “We just received a response from our Internal Team and was advised that they have reviewed your Business Manager. Based on our initial investigation, we don’t believe there is evidence to suggest there was a compromise.”

How irresponsible this is. They have no idea what’s going on in the company, and pressure from the clients, and what will happen to us and our business in the future. 

So with all these uncertainties, I am writing this article just to let you know that please don’t encourage your team or yourself to grow your Facebook or maintain it like a brand. It can vanish in time. It’s not at all secure unless Meta works on it. 

Finally, I just want to say thing build your own personal audience base, It can be their email list, or their phone number database through lead generation, or maintain your own platform such as your own website or app, so that you control the platform not the platform control you and your emotions at last. 

Thank you!

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