How to schedule social media posts with Adobe Express

How many of you know about this?

#AdobeExpress A tool comes with the bundle of Adobe Creative Cloud subscription and now have the power to schedule posts for all your social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Isn’t it amazing!

As a social media marketer, I have always thought about why there’s no tool that is cheap and handy to publish all social media posts. I am not that sure about subscribing to tools like Hootsuite, and Buffer for those huge amounts just for scheduling posts.

I have used the ‘Facebook Business Suite platform or app to schedule my posts related to Facebook or Instagram.

But definitely, this ‘Adobe Express Schedule Tool is going to help a lot of those content creators who also work as social media marketers in their daily life.

I am not sure if this comes free for all or if you have to subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud, But I have been using this cloud app for years. So please one check that from your side.


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