BBC Documentary on PM Narendra Modi

My Opinion on BBC Documentary on PM Narendra Modi

I have watched the #BBCDocumentary on my prime minister Shri Narendra Modiji

As a proud citizen of India, it’s time to stand in support of my prime minister.

I have seen the documentary from the beginning to the end.

They didn’t and couldn’t prove anything against him. It’s just a simple allegation by some so-called scholars, VIPs, and maybe some junior actors ( or maybe some survivors of that tragedy.)

When the Supreme Court has given a clean chit, it’s senseless to again make something sensational and making a peaceful country into chaos to break the image of our prime minister in the international diaspora is not acceptable.

It’s a matter of question towards the unity and integrity of the nation. It can’t be broken.

The organisations like @BBCHindi, how can make a such documentaries without any foolproof evidence. As a student of journalism, I can’t digest it.

I have always admired the work of foreign media over our local and regional newspapers of our country for their fearless and independent journalism.

But then when I watched this documentary I got cleared about one thing when you are becoming stronger, the strongest opponent will try to make you weak by hook or by crook.

In this crisis situation, I am with my government, my country and my country’s honourable prime minister Shri @narendramodi ji.

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