Why textual content is far from Dead?

Why textual content is far from Dead?

The text has a lot of power. Many Million and Billion dollar companies depend upon the text. Those can be news or social media platforms like Twitter.

Generally, today’s folks think that textual content is dead, Now it’s time for Videos and Shorts. Dude, What are you saying?

Companies like Open AI is famous today for their brilliant product like ChatGPT which only provide the content or results in text format. Twitter works on Text, Linkedin works on Text, and World’s popular best news agencies publish news in text format every single fucking day.

If we look at our surroundings, we will find that Nature impacts our lives in a great way visually, and we can look at it better way as a video. But if we want to understand it and remember it for years and centuries we have to go for writing it in textural formats.

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