3 great places to find the best fonts you need in 2022

Hello, I am a graphic designer, and I have pretty much good experience in choosing the best fonts for years. Here I will tell you my best way of selecting the best fonts and downloading them for free.

Font Types

Generally fonts are four types. Serif, Sans Serif, Script and Display. 

Serif and Sans Serif Fonts

In a design Serif and Sans Serif fonts are widely used in the most of the cases. They are pretty popular and simple and classic in look. 

But let’s discuss the best way to find the best place for Serif and Sans Serif Fonts…

Serif and Sans Serif Fonts

My number one choice and go to place to download Serif ans Sans Serif fonts is Google Fonts

Google Fonts

The reason is very simple, the serif and sans serif fonts at Google Fonts are very creative and modern, and attractive as well. 

Here we can enter our custom text and adjust the size we want to see the structure of the font in its entirety, Here we can apply some filters as well such as Trending, Most Popular, Newest, etc to get the desired font we want. 

Let’s go to our next categories. 

Script and Display Fonts

Script and Display fonts and make or break your design. Generally, for a graphic design poster, or social media poster, or any event poster these fonts play a great role. 

But in this case, google fonts is the worst choice to make to download serif and display fonts. 

Some steps one has to follow before going to download them, First find out the trending fonts in the market or internet. Because trends change each month and every year. 

We have to also stay with the trend or else we will be outdated. 

To find out the best trending fonts we can follow this site called My Fonts

My Fonts

This is a site that every designer uses to find the trending fonts, it may be serif, sans serif, script, or display. 

Hereafter finding out the best selling and trending fonts, we can pay to download them or else we can also refer to another site called Envato elements to download the best script and display fonts.

Envato Elements

That’s it.

Go ahead find the amazing font, download and use them, Yes these display and script fonts are not for free. 

See, if you want to make some great designs, you have to make a great font selection…. Never hesitate to purchase and use them in your designs. Trust me you will never regret it. 

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