Best Branding Strategy for Hospitals in Guntur and Vijayawada

Branding Strategy for Hospitals in Guntur & Vijayawada
Branding strategy for hospitals in Guntur & Vijayawada

If you are from Guntur, then you might have known about Aster Ramesh Hospitals, a well-known super-speciality hospital in the heart of the city. I saw the ad below near the bus stand and felt emotional.

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Yes, because it rarely happens with me in Guntur that very few  Brands understand the power of branding and practice it. 

You can see the ad and differentiate between a strong brand and its culture and a mass brand with no specific branding goals.

So what’s the real difference between a strong and a weak brand? It’s the Mindset

The following are the 6  important branding things, that  are mostly followed by big brands to stand out from the rest:

  1. Following the modern design trend – Yes they accept the change  &  adapt to the trends. Because design, styles, and modernity change every few months. 

    But mass brands stay the same every year till their existence, which makes it difficult for the audience to differentiate them from the rest of their competitors because everyone is doing the same old stuff and design.
  2. Use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) – AI is amazing. The picture you are seeing on the above billboard with the Grandson and Grandfather duo is generated with AI, most probably with tools like Midjourney

    I know some of you can’t believe it, but yes, this is not a photograph that is manually taken but rather computer generated and these humans don’t exist in the real world!

    A.I. is making complex tasks easier and faster. Most of the modern global branding agencies like BrandMen Studio, and top freelancers do use A.I. regularly for their daily creative works.
  3. Use of Brand Guidelines – Every brand must and should have its brand guidelines. In this, they particularly mention their usage of colours, fonts, logos, different text sizes etc.

    It helps the brand to maintain a similar aesthetic and feel to their target customer and visually represent their company. 

    For example, If I tell you about Zomato, you can instantly associate it with the colour red and its logo. If I tell you about Facebook you can instantly connect with the colour blue and the letter ‘F’. isn’t it? 

    So Branding plays a great role in creating a recall value in your customer’s memory. Don’t ruin this by playing cheap.

    What you can do? Please hire your in-house branding team or else hire us as your Branding agency.
  4. Adequate marketing budget – Big brands generally establish their business with the 60:40 rule. 

    They spend 60% of their amount on building their business, for operations, logistics etc and 40% they spend for marketing. That’s how they grow bigger.

    Even nowadays movies in their budget follow a similar strategy for promoting their cinema after their production and post-production completion.

    You can’t expect a big impact with a smaller budget. Even I’ve seen many small brands spending a lot on offline marketing on billboards, newspapers, television and movie theatre promotion ads but get no return or data about their audience insights. 

    But when coming to their digital campaigns they spend very little amount even though they are reaching to their target audience and getting enough results and leads for their businesses.
  5. Long-term goals – Before starting your branding and digital marketing journey, please keep in mind that it’s not for a temporary period say 2 months or 6 months. Rather it’s a long-term and continuous goal to keep your digital marketing campaigns running till your business exists on this planet.

    Whether you pay your salaries or not, you get your desired results initially or not, but the marketing process should not be stopped at any cost because it can bring your business to an end.
  6. Data & Insights monitoring & Competitive Marketing Research – If you start digital marketing campaigns through the internet, then you will get a lot of data regarding your target audience, their interest, demographics, requirements, and behaviour and you can customize your campaigns according to that and become profitable.

    Along with that please do keep an eye on your supreme competitors locally and globally and monitor the trends to have a fair advantage to be in the front in the race.

    Always try to keep a step ahead then your competitors and continuously make an effort to provide a delightful and best experience to your target customers.

If you need any help in dealing with the branding and digital marketing of your hospital, please do reach us at or you can call us at +917416225505

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