Dear Freelancers, Please start Living Your Dreams!

Dear Freelancers, Please start Living Your Dreams! I know you are busy. I know you have to earn more, I know you are a bit introverted, I know you have very few friends circle, Yet you have to live your life. Don’t forget that you have some dreams to achieve. 

The dreams that you are working for, maybe your aspirations, or for your family’s achievements. Keeping your work and goals aside, don’t forget that you have a life to live. Are you living it fully? Do have any hobbies or passions? Are you working on them? Are you taking time out for your near and dear ones?

These small things matter. Hobbies like going to a movie, or travelling with friends, family or even solo. Exploring new horizons of life, exploring the life around us. This world is so beautiful. If we spend all our lives just for the sake of work, then what’s the difference between us and trained robots? 

The almighty created us humans to explore. Live our life to the fullest. I also used to the same mistake but now I work for a few hours every day, making a decent income to lead a happy and healthy life. 

I gave up bad habits like a non-vegetarian diet, junk food, and irregular sleeping periods.  There are even many personal changes in my life which I can’t explain here as of now, but definitely, in future articles, I’ll talk about them.

I spend time with my family, and with myself, exploring new things in life, not just on screen, but surroundings, I travel, and I explore new places near my home or some well-known places in India. 

Our country India, is very beautiful with its unique tourist places and its unique culture, traditions and ethnicity. I have lived and spent my life in four different states and more than 10 different cities till now. Still, a lot to travel, and a lot to explore!

I hope you get my point.  I like to capture my journey and document my explorations through my writing. If you want to be an esteemed part of it, please subscribe to my newsletter here. And get each new newsletter directly to your email inbox for FREE.

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