Design Matters!

design matters

Yes, it’s pretty obvious that Design matters, and plays a great role in the success of any business, from Small to Large, all kinds of businesses.

We see designs everywhere in our daily lives. We saw them on the signages of stores, on the business cards, on the packaging bags and materials, logos, websites, social media, uniforms etc etc, the list is long.

I know there are multiple reasons for the failure of a business, but yes, bad design is also a major reason among them. There are two ways we have to look into it, and why it doesn’t work out?

  • The major intervention of the client having no sense of Design.
  • Hiring a designer or agency who has very narrow knowledge of design and has very little experience in branding or brand building.

So, let’s understand the importance of the first point how a client destroys a design decision for his or her company, by rejecting the good ones and accepting something that may not get the attention of the customers.

Image A (The Concept accepted by the client)
Image B (The concept given by the designer.)

So if we go through the above images, we will find that, in Image B the designer was pretty clear on messaging to make it more visually clear making the subject and CTA clear with different hierarchies and different colours as well with modern colours allying with the brand colours, images representing the brand and subject of the flyer, it’s also showing the Plus (+) in the middle which represents the medical emotion.

But to my surprise, Image A was finalized by the client. Yes, it happens, but not all the time. Clients who are very serious about the messaging and branding are pretty clear about it.

Let’s go through point B. that when a designer or agency makes things worse.

Image 1
msedge gao6kykHS2 1
Image 2

I know there is no need to say which one is good and which one is bad, This too happens as well. Their customer’s perspective changes about this business.

Please don’t be a fool, make a good choice. Be a brand. Conquer the market.

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