This Earth Day, Let’s Pledge To Protect Our Home

earth day

Today is April 22, The World Earth Day.

Let’s pledge today that enough is enough. We are here to protect our land, our earth, and our home.

Kailsh Chandra

But how?

Let’s follow these simple steps below to contribute from our side.

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

Try to minimize or remove the use of plastic or non-biodegradable materials from your life. Whenever we visit local Kirana stores, or supermarkets to purchase groceries or daily vitally needed items or groceries let’s take our own carry bag made of cotton from our home. Let’s carry our own copper or steel water bottles while going or travelling outside and avoid the purchase of plastic water bottles.

If we purchased any plastic jar or cup, and now it’s of no use then let’s recycle it into something amazing or interesting like doing plantation or use in gardening, or use it as a tool for your daily needs. Please don’t throw them on the roadside or landfills, it’s worse than anything else.

Save water

This year we have already seen the scarcity of water in the big cities like Bengaluru in India. the other big cities with heavy populations and low vegetation or water sources are soon going to face a similar situation this year or in the upcoming few years. But are we ready?

Are we doing every single thing possible to save water? The groundwater or the rainwater?

We can do simple things like fixing the leaks in the taps in our home, taking shorter showers or using a fixed-size bucket of water for bath or toilet purposes.

We can use our hands instead of water-intensive machines to wash cloths or clean soiled dishes. Try to save rainwater in your home through rainwater harvesting for your own home gardening purposes to save the ground drinking water from being wasted.

Save electricity

Turning off lights, fans or appliances when there is no need can be a small step towards a big change. If you are comfortable by turning on one light then putting extra lights on for no reason is not required.

Use renewable energy sources like solar for your own house to generate your free electricity from nature for free.

Even the government is bringing the PM Surya Ghar Muft Bijli Yojana to help the middle-class family to save a ton of money on electricity. Do get benefits from the schemes like these.

Get your body move

You have been given the legs and hands by the almighty to do small things for yourself. Don’t get lazier. Walk to a smaller distance to get your purchase of stationary or vegetables. There is no need to waste fuel or pay for every small thing in your daily life.

You can use public transport services like the bus to spend less on fuel and save more in your pocket.

Tesla is coming to India. Even Tata and big vehicle manufacturers like Ather and Ola are bringing their two-wheeler or four-wheeler EVs to the market to save more on fossil fuel and go for renewable energy sources. Please do use them and purchase them for future needs a few years from now onwards.

Participate as volunteers in your spare time

There are many organisations, NGOs, and Teams working towards small changes and making their efforts towards our earth. Do participate in them in your spare time. Don’t expect anything instead, Rather motivate more people to participate as a community for a more inclusive and sustainable future.

Use Digital tools and save more on paper. Take care of stray animals in the summer, take care of plants and trees in your surroundings, and don’t spoil the natural habitats, forests, and parks, while you are travelling with your friends and family. Education them & tell them to do the same. Littering in these places can harm the animals also.

Eat more eco-friendly vegetarian food and less packaged and processed foods. Take care of your health and surroundings, remaining everything will be put in place automatically.

Happy World Earth Day.

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