Go premium and Give honor and respect to your profession!

Hello guys, I am going to share my personal experience. Here I confess that I have used cracked software and tools. I always ignored paying for the software since I started learning in my initial times. I am a designer, and I need a lot of subscriptions starting from editing software such as adobe creative cloud suite to access all the major stock audio, video, and stock image sites.

I never paid for them. I downloaded images and removed the watermark with free watermark remover websites. I used cracked softwares which is essential for video and photo editing for my creative work process.

I thought that this is an unnecessary expense that I will make from my pocket. Even though I started earning a decent amount of money, I made no investment in the platforms to get the licensed softwares

Then after changing times, days, and months, I started feeling that my growth is stopped. I am unable to deal with clients confidently. I watched videos on YouTube regarding new updates of the softwares which were being explained by the experts in that niche, but I was unable to use those features as I was using a cracked software version.

I felt really bad. Those were some amazing features, which I could not able to use. Then I started to search on the Internet to find any cracked softwares with the latest updated features, Guess what? The software asked to disable the security system of my PC and disable the internet connection of it.

then I understood that using cracked software exposes your computer to malware and other security risks. Hackers often use cracked software as a way to spread malware and steal personal information, sometimes they use your internal memory to mine cryptocurrencies, I don’t how much truth it is.

Then one fine day I got an ad about the Black Friday Sale on a very popular creative platform on LinkedIn! That was a game-changing period for me. I immediately grabbed my credit card and subscribed to it!

I got 40+ genuine licensed softwares. Yes! You won’t believe how much happy I was. I got all the creative cloud apps from Adobe! If you are a designer or a creative professional you can understand the feeling.

You will not believe but my creativity got an immediate boost, I got access to many stock libraries, online support, instant installation, and activation.

Then I started going premium and subscribed to various platforms which I thought were essential for my creative career boost. My recent subscription is Mid journey Ai. I am happy about it.

I don’t know how much can I survive or am able to pay for all the above platforms, I have nearly 20% of my monthly income as an investment on these platforms.

You won’t believe my confidence in dealing with clients is got a boost. I can deal with my clients in any emergency situation, I don’t have any fear of the services or softwares crashing, the images pixelating, or not getting the right platform to get the right creative assets or platforms like LinkedIn to get the right kind of career opportunities.

it gives a boost in a long run, but don’t delay it. It keeps you at the forefront to fight or level up in the age of heavy competition.

Don’t delay anymore. Try to go premium. Make yourself count, and give value, Honor, or Respect to your profession.

Thank you!

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