The best way you can use Discord as a graphic designer!

What is discord?

Discord is a communication platform that allows users to chat via text, voice, and video. But it’s more than just a communication platform.

Discord is available as a free app on various web, desktop, and mobile platforms.

Some of the main features of Discord are:

  1. Collaborative writing: Discord servers can be used to facilitate collaboration on writing projects. Members can use text channels to share ideas, discuss plot points, and give feedback on drafts.
  2. Podcasting: Discord’s voice channels can be used to record and edit podcasts with multiple people. Members can join the channel, speak on their microphones, and use Discord’s built-in voice chat features to communicate with each other during the recording process.
  3. Live Streaming: Discord has integrations with popular streaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube. Users can use Discord to discuss their streams and interact with their viewers in real-time, that’s why it’s primarily used by gamers.
  4. Creative feedback: Discord servers can be a place for creators to share their work and receive feedback from other members. This can be especially useful for writers, artists, and musicians who are looking for constructive criticism and ideas for improvement.

But then I thought if it’s most of the functions are similar except the live streaming which I also can do with other streaming software such as OBS Studio, or Streamlabs OBS, then when shall I learn or use this platform which has a very complex interface and looks weird and gives a feel or similar vibe of GitHub.

Then as a creative professional or a graphic designer, I came to know about an artificial intelligence platform called MidJourney.

image 1

Initially, I ignored it. But then I came to know how powerful it is, that which can give me an initial boost that can impact on my career and creativity process tremendously.

I looked on YouTube, and go through some tutorials, videos, blogs, and articles. Understood the basic procedure to use the platform of Mid journey on Discord. And then forget Discord I started using the Mid journey AI platform on Discord. It’s so easy.

Now I can certainly say that learning AI made it easier to integrate and learn a platform that was looking much more complex earlier, now become very much familiar to me.

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