“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.” (Proved Today!)

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” (Proved Today!)

I met Shafi today. He is a Chef. Generally, people in Andhra Pradesh call the chef as “master”, And he is a Dosa master.

I have heard an interview with Tanikella Bharani about a story of a young steward in Bangkok.

Please look at that video if you understand even a bit of Telugu.

In the same way, I met Shafi master today at New Shankar Vilas hotel, in Pattabhipuram, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh.

I have been staying in Andhra Pradesh since 2012. I have eaten more than thousands of Dosa. But this time it was very special.

From a distance of the pickup counter after handing over my token I was watching Shafi doing a variety of Dosas near his workstation.

That view can’t be described in words. He made one Ragi Dosa, One Utthapam, One Masala Dosa, and one plain dosa for me.

Generally making Ragi Dosa is a very complicated task. If you don’t how it is made you can refer to some youtube videos. He made it in one second just taking a glass of Dosa Batter and poured on the iron platter or tawa, and Dosa was in a perfect circle shape.

Coming to my Plain Dosa, generally, it takes at least 5 seconds to pour and round it with the hands to make it a circular shape, But this time Shafi took 2 seconds, He poured the batter then in a fraction of a second it’s ready in a circle shape, First I thought that he is doing just by using his hand but I was wrong. He was using a small plate like usually how others do.

The taste was as good as the other Dosas I have eaten before, but the making of that dosa make a fan of Shafi. I got huge respect for him. After finishing it, I came near him and asked about his name and experience. He told me that He has an experience of 28 years.

After listening to that I got to know that, it’s no wonder, he is not a magician, it’s purely his hard work and his persistent efforts for the last 28 years.

I don’t know how you all are feeling but I got goosebumps after watching him making Dosas.

I have been a student of hotel management. But in my lifetime I have never seen something like this. Bow down to you Chef!

So in the end it’s proved that Hard work beats talent!

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