never dropout

Never Dropout out of your college!

Nowadays many teenagers or the ones who are in college are thinking to drop out of their studies and go for a business or opening a startup.

Please stop! Don’t do that.

Dropping out is not a fashion. It’s an important decision. In 99% of the cases, a dropout always fails. Only a few peoples like Mark Zuckerberg like guys succeed in the long run.

Graduating in our life is the most important thing. Because it’s not just about the degree alone. It’s about learning communication, networking, friendship, learning, and exploring.

If you start your startup or business after your graduation, and if it fails, then you will never regret that because you have your degree which can help you get a worthy job.

Education is very important. Even though your business potential is very much bright that doesn’t mean that you should leave studying.

People in India leave education because of poverty, family responsibility, etc, But if you have nothing such things then you must continue your education.

While you are in your teenage or 20s, then your top priority should be learning, and upskilling not focusing to start a business.

I am not against dropping out but if you have a successful business and you’re really passionate about that like anything then please do so.

Life will give you many opportunities to grow, expand or open your own business. Thank you.

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