Political Branding Strategy for electoral political parties in Andhra Pradesh

Political Branding is the only and most significant thing for political campaigns in India especially in Telugu states like Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Let’s talk about Andhra Pradesh’s political Scenario.

Telugu Desam Party (TDP) & YSR Congress Party (YCP) are the biggest political parties in the state, whereas Janasena is a newly emerging party with popularity.

If we go through the branding of the above 3 party we’ll find many things here.

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Telugu Desam Party (TDP) Logo
ysrcp 1
YSR Congress Party (YCP) Logo
Jana Sena Party Logo

Can you find out what’s the one thing that’s making them stand out from each other? Colours. isn’t it?

So let’s go through the color palette of each political party, and let’s understand the logic and emotion behind each colour.

TDP Color Palette
download 1
YSRCP Color Palette
download 2
Janasena Party Color Palette

So can you find out the difference now? Every party is using a colour palette different from their competitors. and here every colour has an emotion and reason behind it.

For example, the primary colour of TDP is Lemon Yellow. which denotes Optimism, Cheerfulness, Happiness, attention etc. In contrast, YSRCP’s colour palette is mainly green and blue which denotes nature, freshness, calmness, health and prosperity, and coming to Janasena the main colour is Red, which denotes passion, energy, power, danger, anger, celebration etc.

Let’s understand the logic behind these colours. When people think of a political party or a political leader instantly they get a connection with the brand colour in the first place. Political parties follow this colour theory throughout their campaigns on all platforms. From banners, flexes, social media, and websites, everywhere they use similar colour palettes to design creatives and do marketing campaigns.

Let’s see two different examples of Branding of YSRCP and TDP

Telugu Desam Party Campaign Banner
TDP minimalistic Banner with official colours
YSR Congress Party Political campaign banner
YSRCP Banner with party leaders and brand colour gradients with bold minimalism concept.

So if we go through each of the above banners we see the graphic design trends.

So what are graphic design trends?

Design trends change every year. There are many modern trends like minimalism, maximalism, bold minimalism, typographic posters, 3d designs, grunge, stickers, doodles etc, out of which TDP is using the minimalism concept to reach their target audience with clear messaging with its brand colour Yellow without any picture of their party leaders whereas YSRCP is using the bold minimalism trend to make their stand clear.

if you are a political party how can you achieve this type of branding?

First of all, you have to identify your audience and fix your brand colours first. Start with your logo. Your logo should have your brand colours.

You should create a strong political brand identity with a clear ideology, strong leadership, sufficient marketing and promotional budget, and clear messaging in the form of your manifesto.

You have to use the social media game to reach a broader audience. Along with all types of offline campaigns you have to utilise your website and use proper social media to reach a broader audience organically and through social media marketing.

Global Branding agencies like BrandMen Studio are pioneers in Telugu digital branding or you can contact us here.

Branding isn’t just about elections; it’s about building long-term relationships, trust and loyalty. Parties must:

  • Be consistent: Maintain core values and messaging even when not campaigning.
  • Deliver on promises: Implement policies that address voters’ concerns.
  • Be transparent and accountable: Address public issues openly and honestly.
  • Engage with the community: Participate in local events and initiatives.

The battle for Andhra Pradesh or India, By understanding the electorate, crafting a strong brand identity, leveraging digital tools, and going beyond the election cycle, political parties can build lasting connections and emerge victorious in the ever-evolving political arena.

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